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Hardy Jones creates a lion mascot for Loyola School

By Clyde Noel

Town Crier Correspondent

After being a successful orthopedic surgeon sculpturing bones to exact specifications, Los Altos resident Hardy Jones turned to creating interesting creatures from plow discs, faucet handles and railroad yard fittings.

Jones' latest sculpture is the "Loyola Lion." Using a collection of rusted discs and screw shaft pieces, Jones' proud artistic sculpture stands in front of Loyola School on Berry Avenue.

Principal Linda Echols accepted the Lion sculpture Sept. 10 from Jones with a comment that it suited the school since the lion is the mascot..

Jones recalled seeing many lions on a recent trip to Africa and received his inspiration while traveling with Dick Henning's group to Botswana last year. The metal pieces that made up the Loyola Lion were salvaged from a Northern California junkyard.

Jones has made other creations for the Los Altos School District including the "Bobcat" at Santa Rita Elementary School; "On your Mark, Get Set" at Springer Elementary School and "Circles In Motion" at Almond Elementary School. The story of Jones' journey from the operating room to his "Found Art Sculpture" studio on Marvin Avenue is a story of second wind. Just months before he was supposed to enter Harvard Medical School, a crippling motorcycle accident left him in a coma for two weeks. Jones, undaunted, went on to have a successful career as an orthopedic surgeon. Jones retired at the age of 52 and now pursues his artistic desires.

More than 10 of his pieces are on display at public places in Los Altos. They include "The Junkyard Dragon" at the Costume Bank; "Magic Fish" in front of Los Altos Library; "Weekend Warrior" at Los Altos Hardware Store; "Woodland Pony" at Hillview Community Center and "Sculpture Harbinger" at Los Altos Nursery.

For information about the sculptures, call 941-9785.

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