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Memorial Service

There will be a memorial service for Hardy that is open to the public.


Adults and older children, please.


Below are the details. 

Saturday, February 11th @ 1pm

Garden House @ Shoup Park

400 University Ave

Los Altos, CA 94022

Hardy Jones Memorial Fund

In honor of Hardy's volunteer work and ongoing support of the students at Alta Vista High School in the Mountain View Los Altos School District, we have established the Hardy Jones Memorial Fund at Alta Vista.


The fund will help support scholarships for students who embody the iron-like spirit of Hardy's sculpture "Aztec Warrior."


Jones’ on-campus “Aztec Warrior” sculpture is a striking reminder and reinforcement of the strength of Alta Vista’s campus culture. The Principal will make decisions as to the most impactful use of funds for student educational, technical and creative development.

All donations are tax deductable. 

There are two ways to donate.

1. Online using the button below:

Aztec Warrior by Hardy Jones (Photo by Cyndy Patrick)

2. Mail 

You can contribute by sending a check made out to "MVLA" and designate in the comments section that the contribution is for the "Hardy Jones Memorial Fund at Alta Vista". 

You can mail your check (made out to MVLA) to:

Hardy Jones Memorial Fund
c/o Sam Harding
22 Doud Drive
Los Altos, California 94022

More about Hardy Jones

There are some great articles about Hardy, including the 2017 feature in the Town Crier, a great letter to the editor from his neighbor Ellen Clark, his feature article in the Harvard Medical Review, as well as other great articles on his website.  

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