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Found Art Sculpture


Hardy Jones sculptures are whimsical and alive. Welded from scrap metal, old tools, and found objects, each sculpture is as unique as its parts: a 1952 Buick steering linkage, old farm equipment, truck and railroad yard fittings. With their metal parts rearranged and welded together, creations come to life--reborn as dancers, animals, or warriors, inspired by the exciting discovery of some new found art treasure. (see sample)


Most sculptures are one-of-a-kind, although themes run through Jones's work: dancers, angels, shamans, fish, horses, and occasionally giraffes, dragons, cats and dogs. Sizes range from a one-foot baby alligator to monumental. Jones, retired from his career in orthopedic surgery, now joyfully devotes his energy to art and sculpture. His passion for found art spans 25 years, and sculptures number over 200 in private collections in California, throughout the United States, as well as in Canada and Mexico. His works are recognized in public locations--including city parks, restaurants, and a variety of businesses--throughout Santa Clara County.

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