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Diverse outdoor sculptures--Friday reception for artists

Fine arts will get plenty of recognition in Los Altos this weekend with the Rotary Club's Fine Art in the Park show. But another date to keep in mind is this Friday, when Ingrid Jackson MacDonald, owner of Sunbird Gallery in Los Altos, will hold a reception for the winners of the sixth "Outdoor Sculpture on Loan Contest." The reception, from 5:30-7:30 p.m., will be at the gallery, 333 First St., across from Draeger's Market.

Many of the artists, whose sculptures enhance our parks and streets, will be present to discuss their work and meet the public. In addition to the artists, members of the city's Arts Committee will be on hand to discuss the public sculpture program which has successfully been in place for more than 10 years.

Viewers certainly don't lack for diversity. On display are: Jabe Jackson's chrome-plated horse at Lincoln Park; two junk-metal-turned-fine art sculptures from Los Altos' own Hardy Jones; animal interpretations from Anne Wienholt; David Minnery's "Lowest Common Denominator;" stainless steel specialist Steve Bartlett; bronze and stone sculpture from Nancy Tieken; and Aire Jacobi's "Red Emma." This week's column will examine the works of Jackson, Jones and Wienholt. We'll take a look at Minnery's, Bartlett's, Tieken's and Jacobi's works next week.

The sculptures result from the all-volunteer Los Altos Arts Committee which selects pieces from throughout the nation through an "Outdoor Sculpture on Loan" contest.

Arts committee member Paula Tuerk said: "This innovative and model program, a labor of love for the committee, brings variety and the very best art to our community. It's a unique opportunity for artists and for the community. The artists win because we provide a unique public setting to display their sculpture. In return, the artists get great exposure and feedback from the community."

Jackson's chrome-plated sculpture, formerly known as "Brawn," is eye catching. Jackson, who lives in Montana, is represented locally by MacDonald of Sunbird Gallery. MacDonald, also a sculptor, is excited about the sculpture program and about Jackson. "You can appreciate the scope, and breadth of Jabe's art at many different levels," MacDonald said. "

The horse in Lincoln Park is his largest sculpture to date. It is made from 1,500 pounds of chrome-plated car bumpers.

Los Altos artist Hardy Jones also believes that life is a treasure hunt. He makes funky and whimsical sculptures from castoff items which he transforms into art. Jones said he is "fascinated by the intrinsic beauty of everyday objects that have been discarded or otherwise abandoned as junk. "

An orthopedic surgeon by training, Jones has two new pieces on display--"Sun and the Moon" at Marymeade Park and "Woodland Pony" at the Hillview Community Center.

Painter-sculptor Anne Wienholt, also a consummate professional, believes less is more. Wienholt was awarded a traveling art scholarship and started her career as a painter. She is no stranger to our community. Her bronze sculpture titled "Australian Cattle Dog" was purchased and donated to the city anonymously. It is installed at City Hall. Wienholt's three new bronze works are also visible. Two, "Animal Form" and "Seal Head" are at the Los Altos Main Library, and a third, "Little Fledgling," is nestled on a bench at Main and Second streets.

Maps for finding the sculptures are available at the Los Altos Chamber of Commerce and other locations around town. Call Paula Tuerk at 948-8710 for more information.

The artists' reception this Friday at Sunbird Gallery is open to the public. For more information, call 941-1561. Agnes Derbin is a Los Altos artist and resident.

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