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1. Magic Fish (1994)

Los Altos Library Fountain

13 South San Antonio Road

Los Altos, CA 94022



The Magic Fish is one of Jones' best known pieces. It is made from pick axes, shovels, gears, and a saw. It's one of the few pieces that Jones has made in color. 

2A. Circles in Motion (1983)

Circles in Motion was Jones' first public piece. The piece was inspired by his children and their classmates in 1983 when they were attending Almond elementary. Circles in Motion captures the essence of the constand motion elementary students are in. 


Almond Elemantary School

550 Almond Aveenue

Los Altos, CA 94022




2B: Eagle (2006)

This mascot of the Almond Eagle is a collaboration between metal sculptor, Hardy Jones, and blacksmith, Grant Marcoux. Notice the detail of the fabricated pieces. 

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